Hi! My name is Lily (duhh). Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope you find something interesting, inspiring, funny, or time-worthy here 😊

Quick summary about me: I am a business advisor by day and a multitude of other things by night, ha-ha. I graduated from Simon Fraser University in the summer of 2017 and have been working at Vancouver Coastal Health since then. Outside of work, I entertain myself with kickboxing, dancing, creating art, crocheting, playing music, and volunteering. If you are interested in seeing some of my art, check out blog posts in the "arts" category or follow me on my Instagram arts channel. Alternatively, if you are interested in following my fitness journey, check out this Instagram page instead. If you know me in person, you probably know that I am a bit of a hippie. I care deeply about the environment, and this guides my daily choices, such as refusing to buy a drink in a single use cup or not using plastic bags. I am a strong believer of humans' abilities to change their habits if they put their minds to it and commit to a cause. Small actions do accumulate to big impacts.

Thank you again for stopping by! Please leave me any feedback you may have here. I hope you have a wonderful day 💓