Thank You

John F. Kennedy once said “We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.” There are so many incredible people that impacted my life, so I want to take a moment to acknowledge the ones who made it possible for me to attain my latest achievement. I truly believe that without any one of these people, I would not have been able to say that I am a proud alumni of the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University, ready to start my new “big girl job” (that’s what my current co-workers call it haha) at Vancouver Coastal Health.


So here it goes. Thank you to…

Mom for your endless love and support, even though I was not a straight A student that you can brag about to your friends 😙

Auntie Hai for your wisdom and financial support

Grandma for praying for me every time I went on an airplace, to an exam, for an interview, etc.

The rest of my extended family for all your continued encouragement and love 💓

chi Hoa and anh Myo for helping my clueless teenage self find a college that would suit me, haha

anh Hoang for helping me with my first college application

Thai for helping me with my SFU application and keeping my life intact throughout these past four years LOL 😜

anh Nguyen for being the adult one in the house and initiating my interest in Management Information Systems concentration

Christian for believing in my writing skills more than I did and giving me a chance to be a mentor to others

Anne for being the kindest and most caring case competition coach

Ashley for all your advice and mentorship

Elisa for your kindness and compassion

Richard and Chantelle for taking a chance on me and letting me test my strengths in SFU Cheer

Basant for your beautiful soul and for introducing me to Margaret Atwood’s incredible world

Tuan for making me laugh

Amy for believing in my event-planning skills and showing me what makes a leader great

Andy for being my first close friend in Canada

Sophie for the joy you bring me

Thank you all, and thank you to other people who have supported me and carried me through other moments in my life. I am humbled and grateful to have you in my life.

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