My 5 Sources of Art Inspiration

Being a business student, I don’t really have much time to engage in creative activities and continuously grow my skills. However, when I do get to sit down and play piano or draw something, I try to make the most of it. Here are some of my sources of art inspiration that pushed me to grab a pencil and start sketching (or grab my guitar and start strumming, haha):

(Note: I am not a professional or even that good by any measure. Art (painting, music, dancing) is only a hobby, so don’t take this article as professional advice! 🙂 )


Being busy.

Beargguy Family Watercolor Painting

This sounds silly, but when I find myself overwhelmed with certain deadlines, unless I have pressing tasks that need to be addressed right away, I will sit down, let the emotions filter through, and then let those emotions out on a piece of paper. This is my quiet time where I give myself a break and let my right brain do the work. The Beargguy painting is the one I drew when it was crunch time for one of the events I was planning at that time (2-3 weeks before event day). This only took me maximum three hours, but it was the break that I needed.



I’m classifying it here generally as “movies,” but it includes everything from anime series to YouTube videos to movies. If I watch a film and it bring up strong emotions in me, I would normally try to capture that in some form of art. A few days ago, I watched Your Name, which is an anime movie, and it made me want to open my piano and play some theme songs from my favorite anime shows. I hadn’t played piano for months before that, and it felt really good to be touching the keys again and playing something that made me happy.


Watching others create art.

It goes without saying that in order to learn something, you have to study from someone more experienced and skilled. I love watching videos of people paint or dance on YouTube. It is a great way to study the art and to get inspired. Going to art galleries and flipping through art books is also very empowering, especially when you get to learn about the journey of the artists and how they were inspired to create a specific piece of art.


Feelings of sadness.

Howling Wolf

I know it’s an odd one, but I have always been an emotional person, and feelings of sadness have inspired my art more than once. It is generally much easier to share feelings of happiness with others than to share feelings of sadness: first, you don’t want to be “that person” that always seems down, and, second, you don’t want to bother others with your problems. Thus, my way of dealing with sadness is to transform it into art. I produced the second drawing when I was missing my best friend but could not see her because we live in different countries.



Everyone that knows me well knows how much I love animals. I find wildlife extremely fascinating, beautiful, and inspiring. I prefer drawing wildlife over drawing people because animal proportions are not as strict as human proportions and there are so many animals and species out there, so I get to draw different subjects every time.


These are my sources of inspiration. What are yours?

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